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What is it

Sometimes referred to as ‘contactless donations’, contactless fundraising is the digital equivalent to a donation box. Instead of a box to collect coins, you can have a device that takes contactless card payments instead.

Good reasons to try contactless fundraising

  • You’ve noticed that fewer people are carrying cash and loose change with them and this is affecting the money you raise from collections
  • You have budget to spend on purchasing the machines to collect the contactless payments
  • You have a location or events where you could easily encourage people to make on the spot small donations


Pet Lives, an animal sanctuary used to do bucket collections at their local supermarket. Donations have been dropping off. They hold an on-street fundraising event outside the supermarket. One volunteer rides an exercise bike for 12 hours. The other volunteers use contactless payment devices to take contactless donations and raise over £2,000. After the event, they put the contactless device at their main reception to encourage visitor donations there.

Key advice

  • Think about where you can use these devices to get the best use out of them.
  • Research or test with the people you want to donate. Are they comfortable with contactless payments yet?
  • Check the deal the device provider offers carefully. How much of the donation is taken buy them?
  • Read about NCVO Trusted Supplier Tap Simple to see the support they offer NCVO members.
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