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What is it

This includes public fundraising on the street, door to door collections and other similar activities. Sometimes it is called community fundraising.

Good reasons to try fundraising in a public place

  • You can find, motivate and support a group of people who like talking to people they don’t know
  • You want to promote the cause your organisation works for as well as fundraise


  • Your organisation works in an area that the public are already sympathetic to.


The Catherine Foundation, is a small charity that supports families with premature babies. They have permission to fundraise one Saturday morning a month at their local supermarket with collection tins and a small stand showing some families they help. They have a small dedicated group of volunteers who take turns. The amount they raise varies depending on the weekend.

Key advice

  • Safeguarding is particularly important when fundraising in public. You must keep your volunteers safe and you must make sure you don’t pressure vulnerable people.
  • You must read the regulators guidance. It’s a great way to plan well.
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