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Fundraising challenges

What is it

The type of fundraising where people get sponsored and donate the money they raise to you. You often see it in sporting events from triathlons to skydiving. Young people are taking this form of fundraising online and doing sponsored live videos of them playing computer games.

Good reasons to try fundraising challenges

  • Someone you know approaches you and offers to do it
  • You have supporters or participants you can encourage to do it with your support
  • You can partner with a local event
  • You want to bring your cause to a new audience

Key advice

  • Larger organisations set up their own events to use as fundraising challenges. When you get started it is easier to use someone else’s event.
  • Scope is a charity that has been running challenges for many years. Spark your imagination by looking at their great list of ideas.
  • Don’t forget to make a budget for your challenge plan. What will you do if people don’t raise at least their entry fee? Check with your likely participants. How much do they think they can raise?
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