An economy that is fair for everyone

Many communities across the country feel disconnected and do not experience the benefits of economic growth.

Charities already play a central role in building stronger communities and giving people the skills and connections they need. But there is more we can do so we are all be part of a more inclusive economy.

We call on the next government to:

  • ensure the UK shared prosperity fund delivers a comparable level of investment in disadvantaged communities that European funding currently provides, should the UK leave the EU. This will help deliver a more inclusive labour market that helps tackle the UK’s productivity challenges, while addressing regional disparities and environmental degradation.
  • establish a community wealth fund using money from dormant assets to create a long-term endowment for deprived communities that have not benefited from economic prosperity. This would put local people in control of independent community services which can sustain themselves without reliance on government funding.
  • increase local government funding to help reduce the significant financial strain that many public services are facing. This should be accompanied by a reassessment of the long-term sustainability of local government finances to put local authorities on a more sustainable footing so they can support their communities and tackle environmental problems.
  • work with charities to implement the recommendations of the independent Charity Tax Commission. This would enable charities to increase support for disadvantaged communities and environmental causes.
  • create a resilient communities fund, set up specifically for charities working with and supporting local communities, in the event of a no-deal Brexit or a failure to secure a long-term trade agreement with the EU.