An inclusive and open society, with strong rights and protections for everyone

Our country should aspire to remain a global leader in transparency and public scrutiny and to retain the current high standards of rights and protections. We will want to remain a welcoming society and to attract the skills and talents of people from overseas, ensuring we have a prosperous economy.

Charities have played a key role in securing many of the rights and protections that are currently enshrined in EU law and applicable in the UK.

Charities also benefit from the time and skills of people coming from overseas to work and volunteer in the issues they care about, particularly in health and social care, medical research and international aid.

We call on the next government to:

  • commit to upholding standards in environmental regulations, workers’ rights, and EU citizens' rights in any future trade agreements.
  • commit to greater engagement with charities in order to ensure that our concerns are heard and our expertise utilised when forging new relationships with global partners.
  • provide absolute clarity to EU citizens in the UK that their rights will be protected in a Brexit scenario of any kind. EU nationals are a vital part of the lifeblood of the UK, and their contribution to research, volunteering and charity is invaluable.