Public services fit for today and tomorrow

Good public services are vital for an inclusive economy, a fair society and for people to live fulfilling lives. Yet the current system is not always equipped to deal with present and future challenges, or to make the most of potential opportunities.

To develop services that enrich people’s lives and provide a solid foundation for a fair economy and society, the way in which services are funded, designed and delivered needs to change. A new approach should enable and enhance the role of charities in delivering services that are collaborative, preventative, personalised and ultimately based on quality relationships.

We call on government to:

  • strengthen its commitment to social value. This should include requiring local government and health bodies to account for social value, and requiring commissioners to monitor whether their approach to social value is enabling the participation of small and medium sized charities.
  • commit to taking decisions in the interest of future generations by developing a mechanism similar to the Future Generations Act in partnership with charities. This would include a duty for public bodies to put long term wellbeing at the heart of every decision.